Journal Entry #1

Sample Syllabus Template Rev 1-17-15

Steve Sagastume


Dr. Carrie Lane

#1 Pre-Departure

Well many of my foodways have changed from years to year as I grow so do my taste and feeling towards food. During my younger years in college I would travel all thorough California finding the best places to eat and ending up all the way in Seattle for a bowl of ramen. I can honestly say that many of these are attributed to the type of cooking shows I would watch such as Anthony Bourdain series. Then as I grew older, I did the worst thing in Antony Bourdain eyes which was going from a Carnivore to an Omnivore.

My family couture

So, I grew up in cross hair between having an immigrant mother and a step father who was second generation Mexican.  My step father always said he lasted so long in the ruthless marriage they had because of my mother cooking. When my mom would cook, it would always come from deep inside the heart. She never skipped one step, if she had to wash the rice 1000 times, she would make sure to wash it 1001 times. All ways making sure she used the best ingredients because if you were going to do something you were going to do it right, if not why do it all. As I grew older, I would always be in the kitchen even though my mom hated it, since in her eyes it was providently a women place. More as hunter and gathers, women would wait for men to work farms/plantations and coffee plantation and bring home cattle or money to purchase goods. Picking up prepackage coffee that could weigh up 100 pounds, and you would have to load 2-5-ton package between teams.

As soon as I moved out, I had to learn because I was not about to be eating out. I was a big fan of using very pricey cuts of steaks. Spending up to 50 dollars on just meat alone, and one time 150 dollars on a lobster that I decided to splurge on. Let me just say I had lobster meat for the entire week, making Po Boy Sandwiches and making some of the best lobster nachos the world had seen. I used some premium blue corn nachos chips, then layered them with tomatoes and olives while sprinkling a 3-cheese blend.  3 cheese blends consisted of pepper jack, mozzarella, and sharp cheddar to be able to stand out with those 2 other cheeses. Then just layered all the left-over steak and lobster I had. Yeah, I might have had a food coma afterwards, but it was so worth it.

As I made the transition between eating meet to not having any meat, one main thing that really helped me was the challenge. When I was cooking with meat it was very easy to have a delicious meal, you get all that great fat from meat, then let that marinate. Once you have a great marinate and you begin to cook, meeting that perfect maillard reaction it was all the same. Came out delicious every time because all you had to watch was the timing, but now try doing all those meals without that delicious animal fat. Yeah not so easy anymore, but that challenge was kept me going. Then it also helped that I educated myself on how animal products are made and seeing the horrendous living condition they have to go through.

My favorite foods are curry from all around the world. Every country has their own take on how they tackle creating a perfect balance of sauce, sweet, spicy, and keeping it within the culture. Not allowing it to be abused by whatever country/culture you might be around. Not Changing it to meet whatever taste pallet the locals like, keeping it to the OG momma recipes.

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