My Fancy pants

When I heard that our class was going to be receiving a free dinner from our DIS program, I was excited. I did not know we were going to be attending a fancy restaurant like Høst. My first thoughts when arriving to this magnificent place was that it had a cool scenery and the employees had a uniform that made them look like a they were part chefs. The place had a sense of classy and fancy. The location of our reservations was underground and since we were 12 guests, they gave us the employee table. As I was getting my seat I observed that the dining table had bread, butter, water, sparkling water, and napkins that were pretty thick. Within a couple of meets we received our first meal of the 3-course meal. I did not know what to expect because it was my first time ever in a fancy restaurant.

When the first meal arrived, it was a type of salad with salmon and different veggies, but the strange thing was that the server put a type of horse relish type of sauce. In the new Nordic cuisine, it states, “cold-water fish have taken the gourmet restaurants of France by storm. in just a few short years, Le skrei – the spawning cod of early winter – have taken on a special status. these fish migrate from the Barents sea to the norwegian coast, and are flown to Paris within 24 hours of being caught. this is a special product and the large, easily flaked fillet is an indicator of freshness.” This made since that our first meal had a type of sea food within. For the second meal we had a taco shape meal but turns out it was pancake formed of a taco with seafood inside as well. The third meal we got was a round shape fish with asparagus on the side. After that we got a creative dessert. The best part of this was that we received two different desserts. The first one was a type of frosty with a pinecone in the middle. Finally, the last meal we got was a fancy ice cream with a sugar flower shaped thing on top to decorate it.

The overall, atmosphere was purity, countryside, simplicity and classic. For example, our server would share each dish at a time really describing the dish piece by piece while connecting it to the Danish culture. I felt like I got a vibe of peaceful and happy. People were dressed both fancy and casual which in my opinion is rare because a fancy restaurant usually has people with dress clothes and dresses. I was in shocked when having all the food because I am used to either Mexican food or fast food in the United States. I have never eaten food that comes in a sense of art or masterpiece. While in enjoying the art food I told myself that I am really missing out on foods out of my comfort. Jonatan Leer states, “From a Bourdieusian perspective, this new generation may be seen as a ‘‘natural’’ reaction to the New Nordic Cuisine, because just as the New Nordic chefs needed to challenge French and Mediterranean cuisine to establish their own distinctive positions in the culinary field, Puglisi depended on a refusal of the New Nordic Cuisine to claim originality.” This means that the new Nordic culture is hard to please people. Overall, for trying something new in my life I can say it was an amazing experience. I thank DIS for a nice dinner I got to enjoy with my classmates. This experience changed me by being more patient with food. First thing when arriving to the states is that I am going to play around in the Kitchen to see if I can pull off a New Nordic dish.

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