New Nordic Cuisine

Having a family meal at Host was something I was very excited for. Being able to sit down with all my classmates and professor was something I had only done a handful of time before. It was beautiful to be able to see everyone well dressed, which might I say everyone looked fantastic. Even though I was only able to bring a shirt that made me seem like I worked at a basic family sit down restaurant , but hey I packed very light, i still thoroughly enjoyed my time. The atmosphere of the diner made me feel that having a button-up was needed.

As I am a vegetarian, most of my plate’s were adjusted to what my companion was eating. I was able to see what everyone was being offered, but my vegetarian dish still kept up to the new plates they were being offered. I especially like the peas soup I had; it was so creamy. I felt that it offered the best of both textures, a soft inside split pea but also presented a crunchy outer layer to offset the creaminess.
For my drink, I had a 20-year-old Cognac, and I was able to finally understand why their is a stereotype and high price point for well aged drinks. This Cognac was so smooth that when It first hit my mouth, I did not taste anything bitter or unpleasant like the plastic bottle vodka I am used to drinking. Then when I really started to taste it, I was able to get a smoky barrel taste with a hint of spice that was unknown to my palette. The best part was the price, as it was a hefty 135 Danish Krone so you could say my wallet felt that one. I considered it a well earned early graduation gift to myself.

As I know, many of fellow classmates got lunch after this meal, however I felt that it was very filling, physically and mindfully because I was able to understand New Nordic cuisine by taste and also nourishment. Also, it was nice to be able to try New Nordic cuisine for free compared to hefty price of Noma were it would have been around 6000 Danish Krone. As for the presentation of the food, it was extremely creative. It took into consideration the environment the indigence were cultivated in . Like the beets, strawberry, and snap peas were placed on top of black rocks. Giving you a sense of the soil and ground in which they can be found, also the pickled baby strawberry was savory and sweet.

The atmosphere felt like we were in some high-end caves. Getting outsource of light by candles, and some high end LED lighting that had soft wattage. You can tell they took into consideration the guest as they dimmed the light around the restaurant. Near the guest table, it had enough light to see yourself and your guest. The table we sat at was made of beautiful wood that i personally have never encountered because most of my experience is with cheap pressed wood from IKEA. The downstairs sitting area felt electrifying to me, almost like a secret underground layer with food that is too sacred to take up to the general population.

The food fulfilled everything I thought about in New Nordic Cuisine and much more. Made me question how things are prepared and served, also the amount of knowledge behind what you are eating. Having this be the last thing we did in Copenhagen was bittersweet like the pickled strawberries. In one case we all got to be able to enjoy a pleasurable evening with some of the best food Copenhagen has to offer. While on the other hand, it was the final day in such tremendous and fantastic city as Copenhagen, which I hope I’ll be able to visit once more. Thank you DIS and CSUF for the opportunity and Dr. Carrie Lane for being such a fantastic professor. We would of not been able to experience this without all your hard work. Thank you once again.

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