The Last Supper

I personally went into our final dinner at Høst with very high expectations. I consider myself a foodie and have eaten at pretty fancy restaurants before so I thought I knew what our dinner would be like. In my personal opinion, I thought the food was disappointing. However, despite the food not being good, I actually had a wonderful time at our last supper. I got to spend my final night in Denmark all dressed up, enjoying great conversations, laughing and hanging out with the people who I have become very fond of.


The restaurant itself was really nice. It had a rustic feel that was reflected in its decor and its dishes. We started our meal with a dish that had a little cup filled with a crab salad, radishes, and pickled strawberries. Next, came the salmon that was served with cucumbers and pumpkin seeds. Then, I had these fried dumpling like things. We then got out main course which was a fish and asparagus dish. Finally, I had a sea buckthorn sorbet with strawberries that was topped with a candied pinecone. To be honest actually did not mind most of the dishes. I actually enjoyed eating most of everything. I think I was just underwhelmed. This is probably because I had such high expectations. I wanted to be blown away by the food and although it was not disgusting it was not phenomenal.

This restaurant is known for being apart of the New Nordic food movement which we had discussed extensively in our class. This movement is the push for using local ingredients and for using traditional Danish recipes. I feel that this restaurant really followed the New Nordic movement and I got a really Danish feel from the food. There was a lot of fish and local vegetables. Some interesting ingredients were the pickled strawberries and the candied pinecone. I expected most of the ingredients that were used but those ones definitely surprised me. The server was also very nice and made sure everyone’s food restrictions were accommodated.

The mood of the dinner was joyous and celebratory. We were all well aware that it was our last night and we all wanted to end the trip on a good note. So, although the food was very interesting, I had a great night which ended my fantastic study abroad experience perfectly.



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